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Matt Fagerholm

Matt Fagerholm is the Literary Editor at and is a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association. He spent four years writing film reviews and interviews for and has contributed to a variety of publications including Time Out Chicago, The A.V. Club, No Film School, Cinema Femme and Magill's Cinema Annual. His writing/editing experience includes serving as Assistant A&E Editor at the Columbia Chronicle and a full-time writer interviewing such icons as Betty White, Ed Asner and Judy Collins at the Woodstock Independent. For nearly a decade, he served as a monthly guest on Vocalo radio's The Morning AMp program, and is also the founder of Indie Outlook, a blog and podcast featuring exclusive interviews with some of the most exciting voices in modern independent filmmaking. Follow him on Twitter at @IndieOutlook and @mattfagerholm.

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Ebert Club

#471 November 14, 2023

Matt writes: With the awards season in full swing, there are plentiful enticing films arriving both on streaming platforms and in theaters, including Raven Jackson's acclaimed debut feature, "All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt."

Ebert Club

#470 October 31, 2023

Matt writes: I recently had the great pleasure of speaking at length with author and "Ebert Presents" contributor Matt Singer about his wonderful new book, Opposable Thumbs: How Siskel & Ebert Changed Movies Forever.